Orbi Network Optimization Guide for Existing Poor Wi-Fi

Getting a strong wi-fi reach in every room can be challenging. While we are working from home or attending online classes, a strong wi-fi is definitely a necessity. So, how do you ensure that your current Wi-Fi Network is fully optimized?

Do you know which router is in trend? How do you decide which router will suits your needs? Well there are thousands of wi-fi devices available in the market and choosing only one is almost a difficult task.  Your this issues is resolved today as I am going to tell you about the orbi wireless router so that you can decide which one to buy or not?

Orbi router is recommended for the super fast, huge coverage and connecting multiple access point at same time. Like we see in our office, where not a single computer but the whole staff is connected with the internet and with no internet issues. This is only possible by the Netgear’s smart Orbi device.

This article is here to educate you about some of the best ways to optimize your home Orbi network. So, let’s get started!

  1. First you need to login to orbilogin.com to configure various Orbi settings in order to Optimize your Orbi speed and signal strength. So, open a web browser and login to orbilogin.com via your default USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Now you need to navigate to Advanced settings on the Orbi Admin dashboard. Now you need to select Administration > Firmware update. Now click on Check for Updates option. If there is an Update available then download and install it as new updates mostly come with performance improvements and signal strength enhancement features.
  • Now go back to Advanced settings and select Wireless Settings option. Check whether your device has MU-MIMO option. MU-MIMO stands for multi-user, multiple input, multiple output technology which can greatly increase the network’s speed and strength while it allows multiple Wi-Fi devices to simultaneously receive seamless data connection. If your Orbi device has this functionality make sure that it is “Enabled”.
  • Now once again go back to Wireless settings and make sure to Find the option of “Limit the number of Connected devices”. If you need to work from home or attend online classes regularly then it is a smart option to limit the number of connected devices so you can enjoy decent signal quality on your connected devices.
  • Next check whether your Orbi has Q.O.S. (Quality of Service) feature. If it has this option then you can allocate the data flow to your priority work and learning devices.
  • If you want even more optimized and extended network reach while keeping intact the signal strength then another great option is to get an Netgear Range Extender device. A Network range extender can significantly enhance your Wireless Network reach while maintaining the great speed and signal strength.

If case you face any issues or errors or need professional assistance, you can ask google or comment below for the help.

Author: My name is John Smith from Bellevue, USA. I am writing blogs related to various Networking and IT support such as troubleshooting, latest technologies and devices. Also I enjoy reading, writing poetry.


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