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Privacy policy

Hello visitor! We are Business Picker and you can learn more about us on our About Us page. We value the privacy of our visitors and  their privacy is of utmost importance to us. This page outlines our privacy policy and we appreciate you taking time reviewin

A. Server Logging

Business Picker is hosted on a web server that may log your IP address, Browser Type (User-Agent), Date and TIme of your visit to our website, Referrer Page information, and other website-related activity used to analyze and monitor usage trends in order to improve the quality of services to our visitors.


B. Account Related Information

In order to serve personalized experience on our website, we collect some basic information necessary to maintain your account with us. This may include your name and contact details provided at the time of account creation. We never sell any of this information to vendors or other websites.


C. Public Business Profile

When you enlist your business with us, you agree to our terms and conditions as we can share those with our visitors (end-users) who come looking for relevant information.


D. Cookies

Our website uses cookies to store session information of each user to help us identify our visitor’s publicly available information. We may further use this information to customize the content delivered to you according to your visit pattern.


E. Third Party

Various third-party vendors, including Google, may collect your publicly available information and cookies. We have no access to or control over this collected information. You can opt-out of this at any time you feel like.


If you have any further questions about our privacy policies, you can always reach out to us.