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Terms and Conditions

A. Introduction

    1. These terms and conditions shall govern your use to Business Picker website.
    2. By using our website, you agree to accept these terms in conditions completely without any exception. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, either fully or partially, you must not use the website.


B. Copyright Notice

    1. Business Picker holds all the rights to this website and the contents and/or services delivered through this website.
    2. All the copyright and intellectual property rights in this website are reserved with Business Picker.
    3. You cannot reproduce/represent any information from within the website without proper attribution or permission.


C. License to use our website

    1. You may view pages from our website in a web browser as per your convenience.
    2. You may download pages/images/media from our website for your future reference.
    3. You may print pages from our website.
    4. You may use our website’s information/services through your web browser.
    5. Except as permitted in Section 3.b, you cannot download any material from our website for any other use apart from information purposes only.
    6. You are not allowed to edit or modify any material on our website.
    7. Unless you own or control the relevant rights in the offered material on our website, you must not republish any of the material from the website.
    8. You cannot sell, rent, or sub-license any form of material from our website.
    9. You shall never exploit any of the available material on our website for your personal or commercial profit or whatsoever.
    10. As per the situation, we reserve the right to limit your access to certain parts or whole of our website at our discretion without any prior information. You must obey in such circumstances and do not try to bypass any restricted access to our website.


D. Registration and Accounts

    1. You may register for an account with Business Picker by completing the registration form and agreeing to any added terms and conditions for registered users.
    2. Once registered successfully, you must not allow any other person to use your account at any condition.
    3. You will be held responsible for any act that violates our usage terms from your accounts.
    4. You must not use any other person’s account to access our website unless you have the proper authority to do so.
    5. Upon successful account creation, you should keep your credentials safe and never share your password with anyone to avoid any misuse of your account or this website.
    6. If you become aware of any malicious activity from your account, you must inform us in writing.


E. Cancellation and suspension of your account

    1. We may suspend your account or cancel your subscription with Business Picker at any point of time in our sole discretion and without any prior notice in case you are found guilty of breaching any of these terms and conditions.
    2. You may cancel your account at any time with us. In such a case, we will need an adequate amount of time to take the necessary actions to clear your data.


F. Directory

    1. As a business listing website, you are welcome to submit your listing at any point of time.
    2. Each submission should be made in compliance with our terms and conditions.
    3. If we accept your listing, we may use it for an indefinite time, subject to termination or deletion in accordance with these terms and conditions.
    4. By submitting a business listing, you agree that all the mentioned information are true and correct.
    5. As an end-user, you are free to look into our directory as per your requirement as long as it comes under our terms and conditions.
    6. Although we try our best to avoid false data, we do not hold any responsibility for listings submitted by other users in terms of correctness and accuracy.
    7. Users are advised to act on their discretion when looking into the listings on our website.


G. Updates

    1. As the copyright holder for Business Picker, we may update our terms and conditions at any point of time, without any prior notice. It is advised to keep an eye on the updated terms and conditions from time to time to make sure you are well within the website’s guidelines.